The world's first vintage brand
Giving new life to existing designs

Our Story

Co-founders and twin sisters, Morgan and Samantha Elias started TVT where all great brands are born, in mom’s basement. They sold out of their vintage tee collection on the first day and it was pretty clear that they were onto something. The Vintage Twin was officially born in August, 2009.

Reduce waste and shop what already exists

The dark truth...

Every newly manufactured item any of us buys contributes to melting ice caps, horrific natural disasters, and a dig-your-head-in-the-sand mentality that landed us all in this precarious situation in the first place. 

The good news...

If everyone bought ONE used item instead of a new item this year it would be the equivalent of taking 500,000 cars off the road.

Our Story Continued...

They took more inventory back to school and sold it out of their dorm rooms, then in a store on campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Finally, they went back to NYC and opened one of the city’s first pop-up shops. 

The pop-ups eventually became full-time stores, but all the while they were gearing up to reach the masses online.

Totally self-funded since that first sale in Mom’s basement, they are proud to relaunch the website with more products than ever, and are excited to roll out personal styling technology online to make it really easy for the things you like to find you.