The Jeanius Bar

The Jeanius Bar vintage denim service

We pick the perfect pair for you. 

The Experience

Step right up, we eyeball your waist and give you a single pair to try on to get started. Step out of your fitting room to give us feedback, and we will keep serving up pairs one at a time until you find your perfect match, or a few. Heads up, don’t be freaked out if we nail it on the first try. Vogue calls it magic for a reason. 

After purchase, we can crop and distress to your heart’s delight for free, for life.  


From $40 for 100% vintage jeans dating back to the 1960s through 2000s to $350+ for collectible Levi’s 501s, our jeans are priced based on supply and demand around factors like wash, age, size, style, and brand. No matter how much you want to spend, the service is the same. We are passionate about getting you the pair(s) of your dreams and will not rest until you've got them.


How long does it take?

Depends on the severity of your FOMO. We have an uncanny ability to get it right on the first or second try, but you’re welcome to try on as many pairs as you like. So it could take 6 minutes or 2 hours, it’s up to you. The average is about 12 minutes.


Can I pick them out myself? I’m a pro.

You can’t search the piles yourself, but we will show you as many pairs as you would ever want to see. Seriously, dozens if you want.


How many can I try on? I like to make a day of it…

You can try on as many pairs as you like, with no obligation to buy. If you really want to hang out for a while, we would love that! Keep in mind that a weekday morning is generally less busy than a weekend afternoon. 


Who is going to help me? Do I need an appointment?

Any time you come to our shop, a highly trained, super honest, awesome Jeanius will be there waiting to help you find the perfect pair of jeans and/or shorts. We do not accept appointments, but if you have a favorite Jeanius, we would be happy to let you know when they will be at the Bar so that you can work together again!


I’m really picky, I’m embarrassed to let you help you me.

Respect for being in touch with it, but the truth is everyone is super picky. Buying jeans can be emotional, personal, and really, really hard. That is exactly why this service exists. We expect you to be picky and welcome it. You will find that your Jeanius has the patience of a saint. You can lean into the FOMO when we nail it on the first or second pair and try on 20 more pairs, but thousands of customers have come before you who end up buying that first pair we give them!


I’m really [enter what you perceive to be a challenging body type], I can never find jeans. Are you sure you can help?

We are certain. We offer sizes from 22” waist to 50” waist. Part of what makes the magic work is the size of our collection. With thousands of pairs on hand, organized by shape, fit and size, with each one unique, we are sure we will have one or several that was made for your body type. Trust the process and come play.


What kind of styles do you have?

We stock jeans for every vibe- from baggy skater jeans to mom jeans, dad jeans, 90s boot cuts, and 70s flares to super low y2k jeans.  We are best known for our impressive collection of vintage Levi’s jeans, probably New York’s largest collection. Our Levi's selection is focused on pairs produced before the early 2000s. The styles we love are 501, 701, 505, 517, 512, 550, 560, 577 and many more in between. Every tab you have (and have not yet) seen is here- red tab, orange tab, silver tab, black tab and even the coveted 1960’s white tabs, too. 

We also carry jeans from hundreds of other iconic brands like Lee, Wrangler, Rustler, Tommy, JNCO, True Religion and so many more. 

For denim shorts, we have everything from 2” to 15” inseams for cheeky cutoffs or hemmed board shorts.