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Get on the waitlist for a box below.

Here's the deal

1. A $20 styling fee allows our stylists to work their magic, and we’ll apply it toward whatever you keep. If you want vintage Levi's shorts and/or jeans, add our legendary Jeanius Service for $10. 

2. After you place an order for the box, take a quick quiz so we can catch your vibe.

3. We’ll curate a mix of 5-7 pieces just for you, plus 3-5 pairs of jeans/shorts if you got the Jeanius Service, and send it off.

4. Try on at home before you buy, and send back the rest. We’ll include a free return label in your package.

5. Once we receive your return package, we’ll charge you for what you kept.

Here's what you should know

These are the average prices you can expect, though we’ll ask in the quiz if you’re open to our higher range:

Tees: $50-80

Sweatshirts: $60-100

Button Downs: $60-$80

Tops and Blouses: $50-100

Skirts and Dresses: $60-100

Jackets: $85-125

Belts: $75 - $125

Bandanas, silk scarves, masks: $12 - 45

Levi’s Shorts: $125-150

Levi's Jeans: $250-350