Curated Box (Friends & Family)
Curated Box (Friends & Family)
Curated Box (Friends & Family)

Curated Box (Friends & Family)

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After checkout, take a quiz and get a curated collection of vintage delivered straight to your door. Try on at home, buy what you love, and send back the rest. Free shipping, free returns, and no subscriptions.

How it works:

  1. The styling fee allows our stylists to work their magic, and we’ll apply it toward whatever you keep.
  2. Take a quiz so we can catch your vibe.
  3. We’ll curate a mix of 5-7 pieces just for you, plus 3-5 pairs of jeans/shorts if you added the Jeanius Service, and send it off.
  4. Try on at home before you buy, and send back the rest. We’ll include a free return label in your package.
  5. Once we receive your return package, we’ll charge you for what you kept.
  6. Keep the clothes coming with a free trial to our membership, which allows you to chat or FaceTime with your stylist directly, make requests, and order individual pieces from our collection. More details below.

These are the average prices you can expect, though we’ll ask in the quiz if you’re open to our higher range:

  • Tees: $50-80
  • Sweatshirts: $60-100
  • Button Downs: $60-$80
  • Tops and Blouses: $50-100
  • Skirts and Dresses: $60-100
  • Jackets: $85-125
  • Belts: $75 - $125
  • Bandanas, silk scarves, masks: $12 - 45

      If you add the Jeanius Service:

  • Levi’s Denim Shorts: $125-150
  • Levi's Jeans: $250-350


Check out now to order a single box. There are no subscriptions available yet. You will receive a link to the quiz via email after you place your order.