How does sizing work?

Order your normal, modern size like you would anywhere else. Don’t worry about “vintage sizing.” 


How do I choose my “fit”?

Because all bodies are different, we offer two distinct silhouettes that suit most people: “Bell Fit” and “Straight Fit.”

Bell Fit shorts work well on those who have a waist significantly smaller than their hips and butt. If you tend to try on pants and wind up with a “gap” at the waist, these are for you! You can expect a slight gap, which won’t be noticeable and makes for comfortable sitting, but otherwise these will hug your curves in all the right places. If you have previously worn vintage denim in women’s sizing (for example, size 6, 7, 8, 9, etc.) then this is the style for you.

Straight Fit shorts work best on people who are relatively straight through their waist and hips. Not sure? Look in the mirror- does your waist dip in significantly relative to where your hips lie? If not, that means your shape is more straight than curvy. If you have vintage denim experience and men’s vintage jeans tend to fit you well, the straight fit is for you! For example, if you love a classic men’s 505, originally marked size 24-40, the straight fit will be most similar.