Morgan & Samantha Elias

Co-founders and twin sisters

We hand-pick and rework the most badass, relevant and clean collection of vintage on earth. For newcomers tired of wearing the same stuff as everyone else, for vintage lovers, and for those seeking a truly sustainable option, we got you. 

Consider us your personal vintage shopper. In such a broad category, we are determined to make it really, really easy for you to shop. Tell us a little bit about yourself and we will curate a personalized collection just for you.

Purpose: Feel good

Fashion is the second-most polluting industry in the world. By selling what already exists, we avoid manufacturing, making us the most sustainable brand on earth. Every item that you buy vintage instead of new makes a big, positive impact that you should feel good about. 

We guarantee that when you wear vintage, you will also attract compliments. And those feel good, too. 

Whether you want to make that positive impact, rake in the compliments, or both, the decision about where to shop and what to wear can make you feel good. That’s why it’s our mission to give you an easy, reliably cool, and harmless place to shop.


Our story

Like any good story, we started in our mom’s basement. We sold out of our vintage tee collection the first day and it was pretty clear that we were onto something. The Vintage Twin was officially born in August, 2009.

We took more inventory back to school and sold it out of our dorm rooms, then in a store on campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Finally, we went back to NYC and opened one of the city’s first pop-up shops. 

The pop-ups eventually became full-time stores, but all the while we were gearing up for scale. To reach the masses, we would need to be accessible online. Totally self-funded since that first sale in Mom’s basement, we are proud to relaunch our website with more products than ever, and are excited to introduce personal styling technology online to make it really easy for the things you like to find you.