We are twin sisters, about as different as any two sisters, friends, or humans can be, but there’s one thing we’ve always agreed on: People should not walk around wearing the same clothes as one another. It doesn’t make sense. If fashion is a form of self expression, and we are all individuals, then what are we saying by wearing the same stuff? And how does it make you feel when you walk in somewhere wearing the same exact thing as somebody else? 

As fate would have it, one of us fell in love with vintage when we went off to college in 2009, and back in NYC that summer we got stopped constantly- where did you get that? People’s reactions were so fervent because in a sea of mass-produced clothing, they were demanding something different that they didn’t even realize was an option. Something that other people couldn’t have no matter how much they wanted. Something that would provide a rush of self-confidence when others stopped them like they stopped us.

We realized, when you wear unique pieces that others want but can’t have, it builds confidence. 

Looking cool and feeling good starts with confidence. 

We used vintage clothing to build it for ourselves, and wanted to do the same for everyone else.  It just made so much sense- vintage checks every box- value, variety, sustainability- but for some reason it was being ignored by the mainstream. It was pretty clear why: The category is as broad as almost all things ever produced, it requires skill and patience to shop, and in the end, you can’t even tell if something is cool, ugly, or both. If we were going to get people on board with vintage, we would have to make it sexy, relatable, and easy to access. So, we built a brand that people could trust to do just that. 

The Vintage Twin is the first vintage apparel brand, meaning we put our (literal) stamp of approval on everything we sell by sewing our tag into it.

Our mission? 

Make it easy and cool to buy vintage by offering personal styling under a premium brand.


Like any good story, we started in our mom’s basement. We invited a bunch of friends on Facebook to a sale filled with soft, perfectly random vintage t-shirts. Most didn’t even know what vintage was, but we called it The Vintage Twin and people came to check out a new brand. We sold out the first day and it was pretty clear that we were onto something. The Vintage Twin was officially born in August, 2009.

We took more inventory back to school and sold it out of our dorm rooms, then in a store on campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Finally, we went back to NYC and opened one of the city’s first pop-up shops. All along, people came back to us and said “Wait, you have no idea how many compliments I’ve gotten” and we said, “No, we do, that’s how this started.” They found a brand that allowed them to dress like individuals and boost their self-confidence. They never felt cooler, and we wanted to bring that feeling to the rest of the world.

The pop-ups eventually became full-time stores, but all the while we were gearing up for scale. To reach the masses, we would need to be accessible online. Totally self-funded since that first sale in Mom’s basement, we are proud to relaunch our website with more products than ever, and are excited to introduce personal styling technology online to make it really easy for the things you like to find you.

our values

confidence, not just clothes

We insist, don't buy what you won't wear. If there's a trace of self-doubt that you'll actually wear something, we urge you not to buy that item. For online shoppers, we offer free shipping and returns to make sure you keep only what you're excited to wear. When you do, you won't be able to avoid compliments. It's a "winning" feeling that never goes out of style.

a brand you can trust 

From our stylists to the exec team, we are a young, diverse group, passionate about staying relatable and authentic. Whether you consider yourself preppy, punk, chic, or all three, we find ways to relate to each of you. And remember, only you have the power to decide if you can "pull it off." Trust us, if it's here, then whatever you're considering is cool.

make it easy

We learned that wearing one-of-a-kind clothing builds self confidence. We make it easy to access by curating the most badass, relevant, clean and cool pieces from decades worth of fashion. When there's only one of each, and a few, on-point picks come right to your inbox (or fitting room), it's even easier. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about the launch of our personal styling technology.

save the planet 

Whether you know a lot or a little about the state of our environment, you know it's bad news. The equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or incinerated every second.* Fashion is the second-most polluting industry in the world. Hats off to the brands with eco-conscious manufacturing processes, but there will never be a way to shop more sustainably than buying secondhand. Every recycled item you buy makes a real positive impact. How big? Learn more here.

*Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Make Fashion Circular

give back

We are, and always have been, a philanthropic company. We believe in giving our team a platform for working toward greater good, beyond the emotional and environmental benefits of proliferating our brand. We believe in giving you a place to shop where it feels good.  We donate clothes to people in need, often in disaster relief areas. We also work with several organizations like Active Minds, the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation and the MS Society. 

celebrate your individuality

There's so little in life that we can control. Everyday, you wake up and choose your attitude. You choose what you want to wear. Do you. We make it easy to wear clothes that only you will have so that you can honor your unique self every day. Further, we just sell clothes. Not men's and women's, just clothes. We are also working hard to be increasingly size inclusive, so that everyone can join this party.