Woodward PE Tee

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SKU 30623
This tee is everything we love about vintage. It's random. It's fun. And you sure as hell won't find anybody else wearing it.
  • Condition: good - Slight discoloration approx 2" in size on chest on front Slight pilling throughout
  • single stitch hem on bottom and on sleeves
  • Material Weight: Sheer, delicate, smooth, and extra lightweight. The cr�me de la cr�me of vintage tees. Wash on a delicate cycle, tumble dry on any heat setting, and store folded, not hung.
  • We treated this piece in our factory to make it OUTRAGEOUSLY SOFT. You can expect some pilling and variations in the color throughout. Because we 'burn out' some of the fabric in our proprietary process, some residue of the fabric may remain on the garment. Although we launder after, it is rare but possible that residue may still remain. After a second wash, all of the residue will go away, so please be advised that you may want to wash the garment again before wearing. This buttery fabric is also delicate, so we recommend a gentle or hand wash in cold water.
  • This item has a unisex size equivalent to traditional men's sizing. See our Size Guide for more information.
  • You are viewing a modern-day size that we determined based on the item's measurements. If you find a size label on the item when you receive it, please disregard as it is outdated and irrelevant.
  • chest: 50 in
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